About my podcast…

In 2012 my friend John Poelstra sent me a book that he had received as a gift, and which he found to be quite troubling.  The book was sent from a well-meaning person to help John invigorate his relationship with God.  Unfortunately, the book had the opposite effect.

John sent me a copy of the book and asked if I would read through it with him, share my feedback, and help get to the root why he found certain sections troubling. On a whim, John decided to start recording our conversations. Our podcast was born. We completed the book (Not a Fan,  by Kyle Idleman) and have moved on to other books and other topics related to Christianity

The podcast is called “Untangling Christianity” and can be found on the web, on iTunes, and on Stitcher.  The subtitle that we have given the show explains much about our orientation: “Defusing destructive ideologies, unsnarling confused ideas, considering love and truth in Christianity.”

Specifically, my wager in our podcast (as it is on my blog) is that love & truth / truth & love and co-central to the character of the Christian God and core to healthy humanness.  Much of our exploration on the podcasts thus concerns what this emphasis on love & truth / truth & love practically means for Christianity, and how claims about God’s love integrate (or fail to do so) with our lived experience.

So please visit us at: http://untanglingchristianity.com/   We’d love to know what you think of view points and discussion.